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Quality Design & Construction Job Salary ₱ 12Job Location3823 Junction Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27603, United StatesJob CategoryAccountant / Banker / Analyst


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Quality Design & Construction Job Salary ₱ 12Job LocationaaaaaJob CategoryArtist / Animator / Designer


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Take My Class Online Job Salary hiddenJob LocationsafdsdfdJob CategoryArtist / Animator / Designer


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AI Content Asset Operator (1 - 2 years)

ABS Global Innovations Inc Job Salary ₱ 30000Job LocationPasig CityJob CategoryWriter / Editor / Translator
  • Oversee the collection, organization, and updating of AI platform image content assets.
  • Develop and implement effective content asset management processes to enhance work efficiency and team collaboration.
  • Utilize advanced image generation tools such as Stable Diffusion to create personalized and diverse image assets for virtual AI characters.
  • Ensure high-quality visual design, from concept to execution, that meets market demands and aligns with the preferences of the target user group.
  • Conduct in-depth research on aesthetic trends in European and American markets to ensure image assets resonate with target audiences.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and preferences to consistently produce relevant and appealing content.
  • Collaborate closely with the creative team to develop and execute innovative strategies for content assets.
  • Contribute to brainstorming sessions and provide insights to enhance creative direction.
  • Monitor the performance of image assets through data analysis, focusing on content quality and user engagement.
  • Continuously optimize and refine image assets based on performance metrics and user feedback.
  • Implement rigorous quality assurance processes to maintain the highest standards of visual content.
  • Conduct thorough reviews and testing to ensure all image assets meet specified quality criteria and are free of errors.
  • Work effectively in a cross-cultural environment, demonstrating excellent communication skills and team spirit.
  • Coordinate with overseas teams to ensure smooth collaboration and seamless content integration

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AI Data Processing Specialist (1 - 2 years)

ABS Global Innovations Inc Job Salary ₱ 30000Job LocationPasig CityJob CategoryWriter / Editor / Translator
  1. Corpus Construction and Management: Responsible for collecting, organizing, and optimizing the chat text corpus required for AI model training, ensuring the diversity and quality of the corpus.
  2. Multilingual Translation and Localization: Translate and polish the corpus to conform to the cultural and expression habits of the target market.
  3. Text Proofreading and Quality Control: Conduct meticulous proofreading of the corpus to ensure the accuracy and fluency of the text.
  4. Audio Data Processing: Annotate, calibrate, and modify audio data to ensure consistency with the text content.
  5. Data Annotation and Analysis: Perform data annotation, analyze data quality, and propose improvement plans.
  6. Team Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with data scientists, engineers, and other team members to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the data processing workflow.

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HR Assistant Intern

Kooapps Philippines Corporation Job Salary hiddenJob LocationMakati, Metro Manila, PhilippinesJob CategoryAdmin / Clerk / Assistant


  • Make all necessary documents for recruitment 
  • Build up relations with school and students 
  • Prepare and represent company in recruitment events such as job fair 
  • Maintain the content in recruiter's databases 
  • Maintain company's profile in social networking recruitment site 
  • Assist in general HR tasks 

  • Currently taking degree in Human Resource Management, AB Communication or relevant course
  • Communicate and work effectively in English (oral and written form) 
  • Well organized and strict with implementing the rules 
  • Outgoing with pleasing personality 
  • Familiar with MS Word and Excel 
  • Willing to report in Makati City

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