Quality Assurance Tester (0 - 3 years)

Kooapps Philippines Corporation
Job Category (Engineer - Test, Quality Assurance) - Full-time
Job Location Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Job SalaryHidden

Job posted on: 2024-04-06 (10 days ago)

Job Description


  • Identify different bugs 
  • Isolate bugs (i.e. find steps to reproduce the identified bugs) 
  • Compile the bugs in a database or in given documents with precise description of the encountered issues for easy identification and reproduction 
  • Write/research for tools to speedup testing 
  • Write unit tests 
  • Debug applications 

Job Qualifications


  • Background in ANY of the following: C, C++, C#, Obj-C, or Java 
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer/Electronics and Communication Engineer, or any related course 
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Interested in learning new process and technologies 
  • Able to think logically when examining software 
  • Communicate and work effectively in English 
  • Strong problem solving skills and self-motivation 
  • Experience in game testing 
  • Experience in bug reporting 
  • Willing to work in Makati City 
  • Willing to work Monday to Saturday 
  • Entry level/career shifter and experienced applicants are accepted

About Kooapps Philippines Corporation

Our Dream

  • Build the first global Filipino gaming brand, one the entire country will be proud of
  • Work smarter and more effectively than any other company, so that we can learn more and ship faster
  • Make games we are proud to show our family and friends

Kooapps Philippines Corporation is at the forefront of the Philippines game development industry. Since 2008, Kooapps has launched over 50 titles – including its award-winning games Snake.io and Pictoword – that have amassed more than 250 million downloads in aggregate.

Why Join Us?

When we see millions of people playing our games every day, it is a constant reminder of the impact we have on the world. Join us and be part of our success!

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