Database Engineer (0 - 1 years)

Job Category (Engineer - Software) - Full-time
Job Location Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Job SalaryHidden

Job posted on: 2020-02-28 (3 years ago)

Job Description

  • Ensures availability of the client's Databases 
  • Ensures Database -related requests and incidents are resolved within the prescribed service levels.
  • Test and monitor performance and provide performance statistics and reports; develop strategies for maintaining IT Databases
  • Develop, implement, and maintain policies, procedure and documentation
  • Assist with the deployment of infrastructure security measures. 
  • Interact with vendors, customers and staff at the technical level, as required.
  • Contributes to the overall success of the IT Department and the client's by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned. 

Job Qualifications

  • Graduate of BS ECE or BS IT, or any related courses
  • At least a year experience as database engineer/administrator.
  • Experience in MS SQL Server and MySQL 
  • Knowledgeable with working experience in Database technologies 

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