6 Effective Strategies on Public Speaking for Work

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Delivering a speech in front of a huge audience can make you feel nervous. Don’t fret! There are steps you can take to feel more confident and learn how to deliver an impactful speech.

  1. Don’t Panic

Feeling anxious and tense when you are about to deliver a speech is a very normal feeling. And the best way to avoid this moment is to come prepared! 

Help yourself remove the stress and tension that you feel by taking deep breaths, or drinking a glass of water. You can also take the time to reread your speech. Being familiar with the words will help you talk about the topic easily. Prepare and rehearse in advance so that you’ll feel prepared on the day itself.

2. Connect with your audience

It’s not only about your topic, but it also has to be about who’s listening to you. You have to do a balanced approach with your audience. If you begin with too much enthusiasm, you might sound inauthentic and unnatural. And if you are low on your energy, you might not be able to grab their attention at all. With the right energy flow, it will be easier for you to convey ideas and connect with your audience.

Try to relax and imagine that you are just telling a story to a friend.  Avoid too much formalities or deep words that you don’t normally use in conversations. You can occasionally lighten the mood with a bit of humor or interactive questions while speaking. Add some personal touches or relatable short quotes (that are related to your topic) in between your presentation. Be creative!

3. Know your topic well

One of the best techniques in delivering a speech or report is to be familiar or knowledgeable about your topic. Research your topic carefully and organize your points into a list as your guide.
Make sure that your main points are emphasized well when you’re explaining the topic further to your audience.

You do not have to memorize your full report word for word. Just make sure to have a good flow of ideas to not confuse your listeners. Make sure to wrap it all up nicely at the end as well.

4Be careful of your gestures

When you are tense, people will notice it by the gestures you make. When you rehearse, do so with actions. You can also practice in front of a mirror or with colleagues to help you assess which gestures work or not. 

With the right movements, not only can you keep your audience’s attention on you, but you can also release some tension from your muscles as you speak. Use your hands or arms when making important points and always remember to make eye contact with your listeners. 

5Feel the crowd and adapt to the atmosphere 

Keep in mind that your report or public speech is for the audience, so take note of their reception and carefully adapt to it. Be attentive of their reactions and always be flexible to adjust your tone. Keep it natural and feel the energy of your audience so you never lose their attention all throughout. Learn when to keep speaking at a slow relaxed pace so that you don’t overwhelm your listeners.

6. Keep Doing It

The best way to be good at something is to keep practicing and doing it. You can rehearse several times but nothing beats the experience itself. When you do public speaking and reports for your work, take note of what is effective and what isn’t , and gather as many experiences as you can. When you stand on a podium, stage or even just in front of your boss and colleagues, feel it as if it’s yours. 


Several people feel anxiety and worry when doing public speaking, but what you need to remember is to shift away from your fears in delivering your speech or report. Your audience is the main focus here. They are going to be the recipient of your message and it’s important that they receive it as clearly as possible.

Practice as often as you can and always prepare in advance. It may be challenging at first but by following these steps, you can guarantee that you can deliver your report or speech clearly. 

Feel confident and don’t be afraid to keep trying!

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