5 Productivity Apps Meant For Young Professionals

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Productivity apps have been on the rise in the previous years, as more people rely on software to make everyday life more efficient. Gen Z and Millennial professionals and entrepreneurs are always looking to get more work done while also wanting to spend more time on other things they care about. Thus, new productivity apps are being introduced to the market to match this generation’s needs, each equipped with a unique selling point.

There are already popular go-to apps, but with thousands to choose from, it’s hard to pick new quality ones to download. Here’s a list of 5 new productivity apps you probably haven’t heard of:

  • Station
Image from Station website

Station is a desktop software that unifies all web apps in a clean, minimal and functional interface. It makes switching between tabs, apps and programs easier – perfect for professionals who would like to centralize all their work in one place.

Station offers a smart dock feature which lets you customize and group similar apps and tabs together and a quick switch feature which makes it easier to search across multiple groups. You may also select which apps to get notifications from or receive no notifications at all for a distraction free browsing. It also supports multiple account log-in, perfect for work-life balance.

Station is free to download on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Detoxify

This app’s use is straightforward – it helps you detoxify from your most addictive apps. Detoxify generates fake apps that replace any app you spend most of your time on. All you have to do is visit the website on your phone, click which faux app to generate and add download the app! In the long run, you will unlearn the habit of opening these apps based on habit. Time to ditch that constant SNS browsing during a critical project deadline!

  • Hippo

Wanting to impress a client that you’re meeting for the 2nd time by remembering important information they said last time? Trying to remember the birthday of that one colleague you only talked to once? Look no more, Hippo is here to remind you!

Image from Hippo website

Hippo is like a personal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that helps you store important information about your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. The makers of the app acknowledged that Hippo was created to solve the problem of forgetting things all the time and getting the impression of not being attentive enough.

In Hippo, users can make notes about people they’ve met, from names and job titles to favorite sports teams and holiday plans. You can add people manually or directly import from your contacts. Simply create reminders for important life events with your contacts, like meetings, birthdays and to-dos – all these while keeping all the information you’ve entered private and secure.

Hippo is available to download on the App Store and offers free trial for a limited time.

  • Brain.fm

In the era of YouTube and Spotify music streaming, a lot of playlists have been created that offers curated music to boost focus and productivity. While listening to calming music helps our brain in one way or another, Brain.fm boasts that what we need is music that would directly support our goals and answer our needs.  The makers describe Brain.fm as collaboration between scientists, musicians and developers who believe that the best approach to functional music is not curation, but creation of music unique for every brain.

Brain.fm offers multiple categories – Focus, Relax and Sleep – and a total of 35 music modes to choose from. The app usually gives advice as to which music mode best goes with any given activity. Users may listen per session with a timer ranging from 30 minutes to non-stop listening. Progress reports of your listening times are also being provided by the app, making sure each session counts.

Read more about the science of Brain.fm on their website. You may also download the app on the App Store and Play Store.

  • There.pm

There.pm is a simple desktop widget that syncs your current time zone with your contacts. Know the availability of multiple people at the same time with just one tap, even for contacts that are traveling, as the app updates location real time.

The team just recently launched the app, but they have a ton of features in the pipeline that are being worked on. They plan to add a feature that helps you group your contacts into teams and make meeting schedules depending on the best time for everyone. They’re also working on other features like Team Feed, where you can update your contacts about your plans and Work Times, where you can set-up a calendar of your work schedule.

It’s one promising app not to miss, but right now it’s only available on Mac. They promise to bring There.pm to other platforms soon!

Get What’s Best For You

While most productivity apps are helpful, it’s important to pick the ones that will directly influence how you and your team works. Don’t be afraid to try and find the one that suits you. After all, it’s not the app that’s going to do the work, but yourself.


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